Thursday, May 31, 2012

Featured Artist: Anton Veenstra

From April 14th, to June 2nd, we present "Refuse/Re-seen" during which we'll focus on individual artists here on our blog.  Today, we're pleased to introduce to you:  Anton Veenstra.

Service Medal
80cm x 40cm (32"x16") 2010
My personal consciousness is about living sustainably.  So, it is a pleasure to see an art gallery acknowledging that attitude. My work in fibre for the past 30 years was as a tapestry weaver. There, the observation that each unit  of colour and texture contributes to the final work, autonomously, without losing any of its intrinsic value by compromise. When I began to work with button assembly, as I call it, influenced by seeing Jon Eric Riis' button/tapestry combine Eye Con, I found that buttons work in a similar way, each unit contributes to the whole, with colour, texture and luminosity. Each has a story to tell, from its previous use and the history of its recycling. As a discard buttons remind me of that comment from the great Abrahamic teacher Issa, who talked about the discarded stone becoming the cornerpiece of the new building. Thank you for allowing me to contribute.

International Refugee 30cm x 30cm (12x12") 2010

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