Monday, November 28, 2011

Handmade Holidays...the Countdown

Well it’s the final countdown to our Dec 3rd grand opening and the set up fun continues.    I have to admit, I was a tiny bit relieved when Floyd and Melanie decided that Gallery 2 was still the best spot for the jewelry gallery.  

Being a creator of jewelry and maybe even more importantly a discriminating consumer of jewelry, I try to be fussy about what we accept and encourage for this event.    I think you’ll be pleased with the offerings this year finding value for unique design.  We tried to accept work that would truly be a one of a kind treasure for the gift giver to present.

Saturday turned into a long day but I left feeling self-satisfied with my efforts.   I have a little more to do to get the jewelry gallery ‘just so’ but that’s just me being fussy.  Regardless,  I’m not giving away any secrets until the opening however.

My advice is, “the early bird gets the worm” so plan on attending our opening this Saturday to get a look at the largest selection of our inventory.    Melanie and I have already begun to do our Christmas shopping and a few of our regular boutique artists have set their caps for items the same time they were dropping off their work.

I always have a little trouble switching gears from shopping for ‘me’ to shopping for everyone on my list.  For a while it seems it’s one gift for the list and one gift for me.   Well, this year is no exception and if you can keep a secret, I’m going to highlight my recent self- indulgence here.  

Melanie plans on highlighting an artist each week and I’ll probably get in trouble for leaking this one out in advance (or not if I let her use it too).  This is the cleverest little accessory;  I just had to have one.
Last week I was discussing with one of my female co-workers just how hard it is to keep my cell phone on me.    We both had a long litany of complaints and awkward places to attach our phones to us.  

Ask my family how disgusted they are at trying to reach me on a cell phone I never answer because it’s in my purse which if I have my way, I rarely carry.  In fairness though, how does a woman carry her cell phone without having a huge lump showing through her clothing or carrying it around in her hand.?   I figure I have enough lumps in places I wish I didn’t and therefore vanity keeps me from having mine on me at all times.
Ok.  Here comes the cell phone solution.  Heidi Hammel of Reclaimed Creations ( )  has come up with a delightful, attractive and cost effective solution to how/where to carry my cell phone conveniently.  I wore this accessory all day Saturday and discovered it would even hold a pair of my inexpensive reading glasses.  I loved that I never had to dive for my phone as it was handy, dandy on my person.

Tie-bag, by Heidi Hammel
Retail price for this lovely convenience is $19.00.  We only have a few so if you know someone who might like this nifty little diddy, make sure you stop in next Saturday during our Grand Opening to be sure  to get the best selection.


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