Friday, December 16, 2011

How to Tie a Scarf

Scarves. Scarves. Scarves.

It doesn't take a study or poll to tell you that the ever popular scarf has reached an all time increased popularity in recent months. Naturally, with 'some things looming's' focus on fiber, we have a stunning selection of scarves for you to chose from this Handmade Holiday. You can choose from handpainted silk, hand dyed silk, a variety of hand woven in many different fibers, and felted scarves. All are one of a kind and stunning.          

   (Left to Right: Kachina Martin, Paulette Hamilton, Judy Connor Jones)

One of our loyal artist supporters and friend, Kachina Martin will always be found wearing some attractive neckwear, usually a scarf. And she has a seemingly unending number of ways to wear them for which I am endlessly jealous and admiring all at the same time. I'm always wishing she'd come dress me because I seem to have mastered only one way to throw a scarf around 'my' neck. Being a teachable sort, I decided to do some research for myself on the subject. Once I found these little treasures, I was sure I ought to share them with you too!

Grace Marks  
(Left to Right: Grace Marks, L. Friedman & K. Maklansky, Tanya Prather)

You have to love the Internet as it seems there is no need that cannot be fulfilled there. I 'googled', "how to tie a scarf' and below are some of the best offerings I discovered. My personal favorite was the nifty short video from Coldwater Creek. They make it look so easy. Anyway, I hope it inspires you as much as it did much as it did me.

Coldwater Creek Video: 8 Ways To Tie A Scarf (this was quick but awesome help for me.)

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