Friday, June 3, 2011

Featured Artist: Linda Laird

 During the seven weeks of '"Size Matters" we'll focus on individual artists here on our blog. Every week, several artists will be featured. Today, we're pleased to introduce to you:  Linda Laird 

Milemarker 386.4
  Last December, I had a close encounter with reality.  My husband and I were moving my 19 year-old son to Colorado to live with his Dad and go to college. We were pushing to get to our first night’s stop when I saw the headlights behind me turn sideways to the road, and then disappear in a cloud of dust.  Jim had fallen asleep at the wheel, awakened, over-corrected, and rolled his Dad’s SUV several times. Thanks to his seatbelt and his guardian angel, Jim walked away from the wreck with cuts and bruises. God bless the Good Samaritan family, the EMTs and the ER staff who helped us.

Milemarker 386.4, detail

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