Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Loomatics, Chapter 3, "Two crazy people, Two looms, One mini-van"

We pulled into Bowling Green State University and followed the map to the Fine Arts Building. I took out my cell phone, called my contact person, who gave us further directions to the pick-up location. Two gentlemen wheeled out both looms on dollies, while Floyd and I took everything out of the van. Checking over the looms, I ensured everything was there, and in decent shape.

We began to disassemble the loose parts, and setting them aside. Floyd worked his packing magic, and managed to cram two looms, a bench, shuttles, cones of yarn, plus our box of food, our water, and our overnight back packs into my minivan.

I signed the paperwork to indicate I had, indeed, collected two weaving looms, waved good-bye to the fellows who helped load the van, climbed aboard, and we took off in search of a gas station and a bathroom. We noticed a McDonalds across the way, and decided it would be a good place to stop, especially since there happened to be a gas station right next to it. On our way back to the van, we begin discussing the completely stopped traffic on the Turnpike.

"I really don't want to sit in that," Floyd said.
"Me either. Maybe we can find another way around it," I suggested.

Coming up...The Loomatics, Chapter 4. "Thwarting traffic."

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