Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Loomatics, Chapter 1...

Some women hunt for the perfect outfit complete with matching shoes. They scour the sale fliers, the Sunday paper inserts, receive the promotional emails, use their department store credit cards to take off that additional ten percent, all in the name of a great bargain. Me? Forget the clothes, I'm always on the hunt for a loom at a good price. So much so, sometimes I forget to notice where exactly, the loom is located.

About a month ago eBay informed me that my favorite brand of loom was available for bidding. Often, I watch the bidding on the looms that go up for sale, but I rarely, if ever, bid on one. Most of my used looms have been found through other online means, much less stressful means. When I saw three of the same looms up for auction at the same time, however, I "kind-of" lost my mind. I bid on all three of them. Then I noticed their location: Bowling Green, Ohio. I Googled Bowling Green, Ohio and discovered it was eight hours from Reading.


I hope I win. I hope I lose one of them. What if I win all three? What if I only win one? I have to get at least two to make this worthwhile. I don't know if I can justify an eight-hour drive to Ohio for one loom. ACK! This internal dialogue continued for a full hour, as each auction was staggered by about fifteen minutes or so.

Winning on eBay is so bittersweet.

My first reaction is always "YES!" followed by a sick feeling in the stomach. Ugh. Pulse racing, I continued to watch the second and third auction, minutes ticking down, seconds, re-upping my highest amount. I had the fever, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to stop myself. I decided my top bid amount, berated myself for not putting that in from the first, and kept watching. I lost the second loom. Flipping to the third auction, my adrenalin rush crashed, as I lost that auction as well, all within a couple of dollars too.

Great. Now I'm traveling to Ohio for one loom, I thought. Undaunted, I decided to contact the seller, Bowling Green State University, to see if they had other looms that would be coming up on eBay. The reply was positive, very positive. They were willing to sell me another, exact same loom, directly. Sadly, they were closing their Fiber Arts program down, and selling off all of the equipment. After weeks of back and forth emails, everything was set. I had my second loom. Now we just had to make the drive.

Read more next week... "On the road again...I can't wait to get on the road again..."

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