Saturday, September 15, 2012

Featured Artist: Kristi Baca

During the six weeks of 'Black White Red' we'll focus on individual artists here on our blog. Every week, several artists will be featured. Today, we're pleased to introduce to you: Kristi Baca

Mixed media: beads, fiber, plastic, metal
20" x 11" x 4"  Wall Hanging

 Work Statement
Hierarchy is a new piece and not much is yet known about its people.  It is a symbol of power and may have been worn as a crown or simply used as a symbol of that office.  It is fairly small in stature and its size and ornate curvilinear elements indicate that it belonged to a female of power.  Perhaps a queen, as it seems too commanding to belong to a lower rank.  Judging by the colors and design it would appear that the leader it represents is strong and powerful, yet there is a malevolent feel to the piece.

Artist Statement

I am a mixed media artist working primarily in fiber, acrylic, clay, metal, plastic and wood.  I create artifacts from an undiscovered culture.  My work combines structural complexity and ornamental surface with conceptual ideas. I have always been interested in cultural anthropology and to pursue and expand this study I have created a new world in which I am a xenoarchaeologist**, exploring and presenting an entirely new culture, free of any preconceptions. My work allows me to learn more through each artifact and celebrates culture through the creation of material culture.
**Xenoarchaeology is a hypothetical form of archaeology that exists mainly in science fiction works concerned with the physical remains of past, but not necessarily extinct, alien life and cultures.

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