Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Featured Artist: Janna Carrozza

During the six weeks of 'Black White Red' we'll focus on individual artists here on our blog. Every week, several artists will be featured. Today, we're pleased to introduce to you:
Janna Carrozza

Artist Bio

Janna Carrozza began her studies at Philadelphia University, where she studied Fashion Design. She received a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and Art Education from Kutztown University.  Janna also completed a Masters degree in Education.  Janna is involved with community mural projects in the city of Reading. She works full time as an art teacher for the past twelve years as well as a keeping a working studio at The Goggle Works Center for the Arts since 2005.

Piece Statement:

Weaving with respect for the environment is my passion. The fibers used are environmentally friendly, and pesticide free. The natural dyes used in my weaving are harvested from my garden using carefully chosen and blended colors. The colors and patterns are uniquely woven together like paint on a canvas. As all organic things in nature are one of a kind with each one being unique, I never repeat a design pattern in my weavings. The best part of the whole process is cutting off the fibers and admiring the texture and drape of a finished weaving that did not deplete, or harm the earth to create.

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