Monday, April 16, 2012

Featured Artist: Deborah Bewley

From April 14th, to June 2nd, we present "Refuse/Re-seen" during which we'll focus on individual artists here on our blog.  Today, we're pleased to introduce to you: Deborah Bewley

24 Balls Red-Black, 12x16, 2012

I am a northwest Ohio artist who works primarily with handmade paper, various fiber media and found materials.

24 Balls Red-Black, 12x16, 2012

A reviewer stated that I “combine a rich mix of media, found objects, textures, patterns, etc., with an aesthetic that is in other ways minimalist.” Which is a fancy way of saying I’m into grids and texture, which have formed the core of my work.

24 Balls Green II, 12x16, 2012

I began by exploring the possibilities of paper in its purest form, as the sheets were being formed. These early 2-dimensional works grew to include layers of paper that sprouted threads. I then began to fold the paper to achieve even more dimension and to add found objects to the surface.

I am now creating 3-dimensional mixed media assemblages with handmade paper, wool and found objects. Wool, buttons, ribbons, beads, zippers, thread, embroidery floss, shoelaces, candy wrappers, measuring tapes - the ephemera of daily life.

24 Balls Green II, 12x16, 2012

                                                              Deborah Bewley's Website

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