Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Featured Artist: Kim Davison

From April 14th, to June 2nd, we present "Refuse/Re-seen" during which we'll focus on individual artists here on our blog.  Today, we're pleased to introduce to you: Kim Davison

Crochet and Weaving
24 x 16 x 6  2010
There is no trash. There is just a failure of imagination.

Art resides in the artist. Materials and tools are useful methods for expressing artistic vision, but these tools and materials need not be expensive or complicated. I am currently exploring expressing my vision using objects of everyday living that are typically discarded or put in the recycling bin. I use my hands and simple tools to accomplish my works of art.

I use a technique I call "urban foraging" to describe my methods of collecting and preparing materials for my work.

Twin Orbits
Crochet and Weaving
19 x 20 x 5      2010
Just as the people living closer to the land looked at what was around them when creating what they needed, I look around my environment to see what I can find. The materials I am currently working with are plastic bags, cash register receipts, video tape, newspaper, magazines, cardboard boxes and gutter mesh.

I employ the methods that fiber artists know, such as spinning, knotting, crochet and weaving, although some of my techniques are invented to meet the needs of the particular piece I am working on. I use a minimal number of tools and almost no purchased materials.

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