Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Featured Artist: Cassie Jones

During the eight weeks of 'simply irRESISTible' we'll focus on individual artists here on our blog. Every week, three artists will be featured. Today, we're pleased to introduce to you: Cassie Jones from Harleysville, PA.

Resistance, Detail (pre-resist)

"This piece is a direct literary resist against the deterioration of Americans forests. We are quickly diminishing the size of what forests are left in America. More specifically though the paper industry is the number one consumer of forests in the Southern United States. They distribute five million acres of forest each year according to the Environmental Paper Network.

The Paper Network is an organization that realizes the need for reform in the area of paper production. Something needs to be done before it is too late to turn back. I have assembled this piece in hopes to spread this awareness, and together we can find a better option to destroying our forests and their wildlife."Resistance

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