Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Technology: Grrrrrr!

I'd like to say technology and I get along, but I'd be lying.

Behind the scenes, I'm the member of team "some things looming" that puts together the blog and changes the content on the website. It's almost laughable, as I'm also the member of the team with probably the least amount of computer savvy. So, I'll apologize now to you Internet Explorer users for the blog header sticking several pixels out of alignment. I'm a little bit OCD, so I can truly appreciate how bothersome that is. I found it's not a problem in either Firefox, nor Chrome. And when I tried to 'fix' it for IE, it was still off-centered, no matter what I did to the template. Not only that, it totally messed up the alignment in Firefox and Chrome! It's a CSS error, I'm told, by my programmer husband.

"CSS?" I asked.
"Cascading Style Sheets," he said.
"Cascading what whats?"
He blew out his breath. "Cascading. Style. Sheets," He said, patiently. "It's what they use to generate their templates."
"So, uh, how do I fix it?"
"I'll have to look at it later. I'm sure I can find some IE specific code to plop in there that will solve the situation." he said.

I'm not sure when 'later' is, as I've discovered through the years 'later' could mean today, or next millennium. But bless the man, he does eventually get around to it. I'm sure there's a quota for how much computer-help a wife can ask of a husband, and since putting up the 'stl' blog and website, I'm sure I've gone over my allowance ten-fold. Not only is he still patient with all my questions, but he's still in love with me. Go figure. So I'll beg a little patience from you loyal IE users while "we" (hahaha) try and figure out what's going on in the code.


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