Monday, May 17, 2010

Diary of a reluctant art gallery owner, Chapter 2

Mother’s day was the opening of text/textile. Wow has it turned out great. This is the first salon style show we’ve hung in the space and I think all of us were delighted that the gallery easily took the 25 or so pieces comfortably. It was really interesting because we had seen this show in another space in Philadelphia. It was beautiful there too but, pardon my prejudice, it seems even more lovely here.

And…guess what? We sold our first piece out of the gallery. I probably shouldn’t admit this (but I’ve decided to be transparent here) , I was so stunned, I didn’t really know what to do for a split second or two. Remember me? The woman who has spent the last 20 some years in a high tech software business? Thank goodness KP was there and brought me out of my momentary coma.

After that our biggest challenge was finding a red pen to put the ceremonial red dot on the exhibit tag. Whoo Hoo! That was so way cool! Nice encouragement for us and for the artist. I loved being able to write that email. And as thrilling as it is for us, it’s almost more exciting to be able to provide the venue of encouragement for these wonderfully talented individuals.

Author Elizabeth Bodien was there on Sunday to do a reading and that was really awesome too. You could have heard a pin drop as the group listening was so enthralled listening to her words. It’s fun to cross promote the arts like that. And what an encouragement she was to me. She was surprised that we could put on such a nice exhibit considering we have only been open two months. That was a great reminder. I’m sometimes a little hard on us. We really have done a lot and in a little bit of time.

The show is short running, closing on June 13th. If you are close by, stop in to see this wonderful show and say hello to the ‘reluctant’ gallery owner. (One of these days I’ll explain why the ‘reluctant’.)


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